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The original Shiloh Shepherd has been under development by its founder, Tina M. Barber, since 1962.
To view hundreds of pictures of real Shiloh Shepherd dogs, taken over the past four decades, and
research honest breed information  provided by the breed founder, please be sure to visit our history,
Homecoming and Learning Center pages and most of all, the new Shiloh Fraud sites prepared to
present the true story of these magnificent dogs!
If you still have questions after visiting the hundreds of informative pages we have prepared, then be
sure to join the over 2900 members of our Shiloh Shepherd community forums.  But, for now, we'd like
to welcome you to our home!
"Do you remember a specific 'German Shepherd'   you used to know as a child (or if you are under 40)
one that your family or friends told you about? He was the dog with that super, almost human
intelligence; that big family protector that was so very gentle with little children, yet would give his life for
his master without question.
The dog that would walk you to the school bus, and then show up again exactly on time to wait for your
return; the hero that everyone talked about; the one that seemed half human. His personality consisted
of Lassie, Strongheart, and Rin Tin Tin all rolled into one.
Well, that dog is still here today, and he is called a SHILOH SHEPHERD™!" 
Welcome to WhiteFang ISSR Shilohs, located east of Leesburg, Virginia, forty miles west of our Nation’s
Capital. I am proud to be a licensed breeder of the Original Shiloh Shepherd dog, working under the
guidance of the Breed Founder, Tina Barber, and under the mentorship of her daughter, Lisa Barber.
Our dogs are and will only be registered under the International Shiloh Shepherd Registry (ISSR). I am
also a member of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America (SSDCA) and of our local chapter, the
Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America-Mid Atlantic Chapter (SSDCA-MAC). I’ve also signed the ISSR
Breeders Agreement and the ISSR Breeder’s Code of Ethics.
New Zion Shilohs - NY SSDCA - Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America White Fang Shilohs - VA
While we are also breeders of I.S.S.R. Shiloh Shepherds, there are times where we may not havea a puppy which matches your family.  We are pleased to provide you with links to other breeders which may/may not have puppies.  The breed found is the first link below and if they do not have puppies available, she will guide you to someone who may.  Keep in mind also, that being specific about a boy or girl puppy may limit your chances in getting a puppy that truly matches your family.  That’s our expertise and what separates us from other breeds.  We make sure our puppies go to the right homes irrespective of their gender.  :-)
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