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In order for us to help you select the "right" dog for your specific needs please answer the following questions the best you can. The information on this form helps us to get to know a little bit about you and what traits you are looking for in a dog. Although these questions may seem personal they are important. The more you can tell us about yourself and your home life will enable us to make the best choice of a puppy for you and to find the very best home for each puppy.

We have Rani / Tazer puppies as of January 26th, 2012. They will be ready for their new homes the last week of March 2012.
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Good Faith Deposit: A good faith deposit of $300 is required to ensure you are considered for any upcoming litter. Without the deposit, we will match puppies to those who have made a Good Faith Deposit. Please read the Sales Contract for terms and conditions with making your Good Faith Deposit.

  1. All deposits will be returned if bitch does not conceive or no puppy is available. If buyer chooses, he/she may leave deposit for next available litter.
  2. Deposits will not be returned for buyers deciding to buy from other breeders, or change of mind etc. The only refundable deposits are for unavailability of puppy promised from dam and sire, stated above.
  3. No personal checks will be accepted unless presented prior to 30 days of scheduled "shipment" or "pickup" of puppy. Recommended payment is money order or cashier's check. Under no circumstances will a puppy be released without full payment.

Note:Completing the Puppy Application does not guarantee the buyer any particular puppy. The only guarantee is when the LER (Litter Evaluation Report) is completed at approximately 8 weeks old. At that time, we will review the results of each puppies test and then match it with puppy applications. When testing the process is complete, you will be notified. You may be notified earlier should we feel we already have a match.
Madden's Howlin Hills
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2085 Fork Creek Place
Lenoir, NC 28645
Phone: (828) 758-4988
1. I am looking for:

2. I would like a: 2. With a Coat Type of:
3. The Temperament I expect from my dog, as per the following possibilities.
The mailman knocks at the door with a package delivery, I want my dog to:

Other Temperament (combinations):

My dog and I are taking a walk in the park and I see some old friends. I want my dog to:

Other Behavior (combinations):

4. In what type of housing do you reside:

5. Do you live in the:

How Many Acres:

6. Do you own or rent?:

If you rent, does the landlord permit large dogs?: Yes No

Would you permit us to contact your landlord?: Yes No

Landlord's name/phone number:

7. Do you have a fenced yard?: Yes No

Fencing Type (if applicable):

8. My Dog will spend most his/her time:

Other time spent (combination):

9. How many hours of the day would the dog normally be left alone:

10. Which family member will have the major responsibility for the dog(s):

11. I am interested in training my dog in: a) Obedience b) Search and Rescue/Herding c) Schutzhund d) Agility e) Therapy/Service f) Other (type below)
Other training:

12. I am interested in show and/or breeding: Yes No

13. I am interested in a pet & plan to spay/neuter:

14. Are you willing to have your dog's hips x-rayed (OFA Elbows and PennHIP) at the age of 12-14 months and provide us with the report?:

15. Do you have a current veterinarian and if so, may we contact him/her?: Yes No

Contact info for veterinarian:

16. My experience with large breed dogs is I:

17. I have owned: dogs in the past Years

18. My Previous Dogs were: a) Given Away b) Euthanized c) Killed in an Accident e) Died of old age f) Other (type below)


19. My household consists of dogs

Please list their age, breed, sex and if spayed/neutered:

20. My household consists of Adults, Children and Cats
We also have:

If you do not currently have children, do you expect to have children in the future?: Yes No children planned for the future

21. The ages of our family in our household are: 0 - 20 21 - 30 31 - 40 41 - 50 51 - 60 60 +

22. Do any members of your household have allergies (if yes, please list them):

23. The activities that best describe out lifestyle is:

24. Please supply two references and contact numbers or email addresses:
Contact # / Email:

Contact # / Email:

25. Any additional comments you may have, which may help us choose the correct temperament pup for you (ie. Lifestyle: runner, hiker, etc), would be appreciated:

Once submitted, we will contact you to discuss the application and if we have a match.

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